Tuesday, October 4, 2022

OctPoWriMo Day 4 - Collaborative Dreaming

A month ago I found myself on a quest to find myself a new tarot deck.  Although it had been more than a couple decades since my long lost art nouveau cards were spread across a persimmon silk scarf, I knew my next deck needed to resonate on a deep level. 

'This deck is dedicated to you - you who wants to live your own unique and inspired life, to awaken your sacred rebellious heart and honor your creative power'

The Sacred Rebels Oracle has spoken - 

"Collaborative Dreaming - Working with others creatively is a way to allow the heart to grow. It is a chance for you to learn how to honor yourself and others and to find ways to live and let live, simply by growing and strengthening your active trust in your heart’s guidance.

You are asked to bear the rough patches that can happen when you work creatively with others. Ideas might clash and there can be friction, particularly if you have different ways of working. Sometimes big dreams need more fire to ignite them into reality. More fire might require more friction along the creative path."

Poetry Prompt

Think of a time when you took on a creative project with another person or group - write a poem describing how this collective experience flourished and when there was friction.  Or conversely, write a poem describing a situation when you knew it was time to let the group go, to move on - what was the tipping point?

Word Prompts







Poetry Type to Explore Joseph's Star  

Remember, our prompts are only suggestions: you can find your inspiration wherever your muse leads you. Please visit the other participants, share the hashtag #OctPoWriMo on social media, and share your link in the comments below. Let us know how this journey into poetry is going for you and if this is your first year or if you have been with us from the beginning.

Happy writing!


  1. Lol! All of the prompts I chose from reading through the Sacted Rebels deck. The others just weren't from the card names. I love that you matched this up.

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  3. Thanks for the prompt, Jenni. It brought me back a few years. Here is my offering for today.


  4. Here is my poem "Every Morning Someone Shares" https://experiencewriting.com/2022/10/04/writober-day-4-trying-new-tricks/

  5. Right, so here is today's offering! I used a variation on Josef's Star, even if the theme is completely different. https://dawnsnight.wordpress.com/2022/10/04/13226/

  6. My poem for today. I went loosely with the idea of "oracle."

  7. https://inkdrops.blog/2022/10/04/splat/

  8. https://ladyleemanilablog.wordpress.com/2022/10/13/octpowrimo-day-4-dreaming/


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